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Title: Temptress
Pairing: Jack/Ianto,
Ratings: Adult –sex, spanking, mild cross-dressing
Spoilers: General Series 1 and 2
Summary: Jack is a slut for Ianto
Disclaimers: I own nothing!
Notes: Alternative title of 'Ode to [ profile] oncomingscone's fever. I also owe her the title. Comments please!



Jack loved the way Ianto’s cock filled him up, the way they moved so easily together, the moans and whimpers Ianto made as his pleasure flowed through him. But what Jack really focused on was that look in Ianto’s eyes.

          It was a look that was just for Jack. His pale blue eyes had darkened with pleasure and he gazed at Jack as he pounded into him. Jack clenched around him, eager for more and more of him.

“Ianto!” he gasped. “Ah, Ianto, more.”

Ianto grasped his cock and pumped it hard. “You want it, don’t you?” he breathed, voice thick with arousal.

“Yeah, oh, please, yeah, Ianto!”

Ianto smirked at him as Jack begged for more. He thrust hard into him, fisting his cock hard. “Yeah, you’re my slut, aren’t you?”

Jack went wild as Ianto murmured filth into Jack’s ear. “My slut, you love it. My filthy little slut.”

Jack cried out and came with Ianto’s lips against his ear and his filthy words pounding in his brain. Ianto came, crying Jack’s name and they collapsed together.

Ianto nuzzled into Jack, kissed his cheek and ran his hands through Jack’s hair. “That was fucking awesome.”

Jack grinned. “Yeah.”

Ianto kissed him softly on the lips, then pulled back and got on with cleaning them up. Jack lay there, letting Ianto do all the work. His mind began to clear and he thought back to Ianto’s dirty talk.

Ianto had cleaned them up and got back into bed. Jack snuggled up to him. ‘My slut’ Ianto had said. Jack felt his tummy whirling as he replayed the words. He was Ianto’s slut, a slut just for Ianto and it made him feel warm inside.  

Ianto’s arms slid around him and held him tight. Jack turned his head into Ianto’s neck and breathed him in. He was going to do it. He was going to be Ianto’s slut.


Jack was nervous. He squirmed as he sat on the edge of the desk and crossed his legs. Ianto had to like this, he knew he would. He was just nervous as hell but he couldn’t wait to see Ianto’s face when he walked in through that door. He was Ianto’s slut and he felt it, every inch.

The door opened and Ianto strode in. “I’ve closed down and ...”

He stopped and stared at Jack. He swallowed hard and Jack saw his eyes darken with arousal. Ianto’s gaze explored Jack. He swept up his bare, smooth legs and lingered on the hem of the hot pink mini skirt, which Jack knew only just covered his arse. Ianto swallowed and took in the tight white shirt Jack was wearing. Jack licked his pink lipstick-smeared lips and grinned at Ianto.

“I’m all dressed up for you, Ianto.”

Ianto swallowed again, recovering himself. He smirked, then strode forward and grasped Jack by the hips and kissed him hard.

“You slut, you’re my slut, aren’t you?” he murmured against his lips.

Jack felt his cock throb. “Yeah,” he gasped. “Your slut.”

Ianto grinned and grazed a hand up Jack’s thigh. Jack trembled in anticipation of what he was going to find as he probed. Ianto kissed Jack again, pushing his tongue into his mouth and snogging him. Jack gave himself up to the firm mouth taking what it wanted. Ianto’s strong hand explored under Jack’s skirt. He stroked his thigh, then cupped his tight arse firmly.

Jack whimpered, waiting for those lean fingers to probe further and discover what he’d done. They did. One finger slid into that hot space between Jack’s buttocks and Jack felt the jerk in Ianto’s body as he felt it.

Suddenly, Ianto bit down on Jack’s bottom lip. Jack cried out and his cock throbbed. Ianto pulled back, licked Jack’s lip and looked hard at his eyes.

“Your dirty little boy,” he murmured, affectionately.

Jack felt a throb deep in his belly. Ianto pushed his finger inside Jack and Jack groaned. It slid in easily, thanks to the lube Jack had applied. He’d got so hard spreading his legs on his own desk and lubing himself up for Ianto.

Ianto’s eyes were sparkling. Jack could smell the arousal in the air around them. Ianto grasped Jack hard by the hip with his free hand and stroked his finger back and forth over Jack’s hole. He met Jack’s gaze, a hard and intense, yet deeply aroused gaze.

“You’re filthy, Jack Harkness. Filthy and all mine, aren’t you?” Ianto’s voice was deep and husky and commanding as hell.

“Yes,” Jack gasped. “Yes, filthy. All yours.”

Ianto smirked at him, pushing his finger slowly in and out, making Jack squirm with pleasure.

“What are you?” Ianto demanded, pulling back but pressing his hips firmly against Jack’s.

Jack wriggled under the pressure of Ianto against his throbbing cock. “Mmm, Ianto.”

Ianto thrust against him. “What are you?” His voice was firm and hard.

Jack whimpered. “I’m a slut, I’m your slut.”

Ianto grinned at him and cupped his cheek gently. “Yes, you are. You’re my slut, my naughty slut.” He pressed a kiss to Jack’s jaw. “I think,” he murmured against Jack’s skin. “That naughty sluts should be punished.”

Jack nearly came right then at the mere thought of that. He knew what that meant. He whimpered.

Ianto grasped his hip harder. “Well?”

Jack arched into Ianto. “Yes,” he gasped. “Yes, I need to be punished.”

Ianto smirked, then slid his finger out of Jack and grabbed him by both hips. He kissed him firmly on the mouth then spun him around and bent him over the desk.

Jack whimpered in delighted anticipation. He knew what was coming and he couldn’t wait. He was a slut, he was Ianto’s slut and he fucking loved it.

Ianto caressed his bare thighs, then pushed the mini skirt up, exposing Jack’s smooth, bare bottom. He stroked it, slowly and gently. “So beautiful,” he murmured. “But so naughty.” He raised his hand.

Jack gasped in anticipation. Ianto brought his hand down sharply across Jack’s bare cheek. Jack whimpered as he felt red hot pain mix with his red hot arousal. Ianto didn’t pause. Within seconds, he was spanking Jack hard and fast.

Jack felt overcome. He thrust and arched and wriggled against the desk. Ianto spanked him sharply. Jack felt heat burn in his backside and spread through his whole body. His cock throbbed and he could feel his orgasm rushing towards him.

Ianto smacked his thigh hard. “Not yet,” he hissed and Jack fought to hold on.

Ianto kept on spanking him, one hand braced on where the skirt was bunched up above Jack’s bottom.

“Such a needy, wanton boy,” scolded Ianto. His words jerked through Jack and he whimpered with the effort to hold on.

“Yes, yes!” he cried.

Ianto paused and Jack heard the unmistakable sound of a zip being dragged down. Ianto reached for the little pot of lube hidden in a pencil holder on Jack’s desk and before Jack knew it, Ianto was pushing all the way inside him.

Jack cried out. “Oh, fuck, Ianto, please, fuck me, please!”

Ianto held still, adjusting to being sheathed fully in Jack. He smacked him hard on the bottom. “Patience, my slutty boy,” he admonished.

Jack writhed, thrusting against the desk. He was so hard. He could just come right then. But he knew what would happen. Ianto would just pull out and have a wank and Jack wouldn’t get his cock.

Jack pressed his burning bottom back, Ianto’s cock brushing that sweet spot inside him. The rough caress of Ianto’s clothing against his tender bottom was delicious. He wanted more. He rubbed his skin against Ianto.

Ianto laughed and smacked his bottom again. “Naughty boy.”

“Please, Ianto,” Jack begged, nearly crying with frustration. “Need your cock, please, need you to fuck me.”

“Really?” Ianto asked, mischievously. “Like this?” He withdrew slowly and thrust teasingly.

Jack whimpered. “No, hard, fast, please Ianto. Fuck me, hard and fast, pound me, please.”

Ianto stroked Jack’s tender bottom. “Good boy, that’s better. My filthy slut, all you want is my cock, isn’t it?”

“Yes,” Jack cried. “Yes!”

Ianto laughed, then pulled back. He kept Jack waiting, teasing his hole before pushing his cock forwards and beginning to fuck Jack, hard and fast, just the way he’d asked.

Jack knew he wasn’t going to last long. He was Ianto’s slut, after all. He abandoned himself to the feeling of Ianto owning him, fucking him, taking him like the slut he was.

“Yours, yours,” he murmured as he felt himself tipping towards the edge.

Ianto smacked his thigh hard. “Mine, all mine, every fucking inch of you. My slut, my dirty whore.”

“For you, Ianto. Ianto!” Jack lost it, spilling himself all over the desk and clenching around Ianto’s cock.

Ianto was talking himself up to his orgasm and he pumped into Jack’s limp body. “My slut, my whore, mine,” he gasped. Jack whimpered as he felt Ianto reach his release inside him.

They collapsed together. Ianto kissed Jack’s ear and Jack felt warm inside. “Mine,” he whispered. Then he pulled out, leaving Jack bent over the desk, filled with his come.

Ianto stroked his head. “Clean up that mess,” he said.

Jack glanced at him, saw the smirk in his face and grinned. His insides throbbed. If he hadn’t just come, he would have got a raging hard-on from that look alone.

Obediently, Jack knelt down and licked up his mess from the desk. Ianto stroked Jack’s hair. “Good boy,” he murmured and Jack beamed with pride.

Ianto grasped his arm gently. “Stand up.”

Jack stood, feeling Ianto’s come trickle down his legs. Ianto led him over to the full length mirror in the corner.

“Look at yourself,” Ianto murmured, standing behind him. “Look at what a whore you are for me.”

Jack looked at himself. His lipstick was smeared and his mouth swollen. His shirt had come undone and his pink mini skirt was still hitched up around his waist. His cock hung down, utterly spent and Ianto’s come dribbled down his legs. Jack swallowed, feeling strange. He was a slut, a whore. But how could that be a good thing?

He looked past his reflection and found Ianto’s eyes. The blue pools were bright and proud as he gazed at Jack. A flush was in Ianto’s cheeks and a smile tugged at his lips. Ianto met his eyes in the mirror.

“Do you know how beautiful you are?”

Jack shook his head.

Ianto smiled fully. “Well, you should, because you’re fucking gorgeous.” He reached up and stroked Jack’s hot cheek. “So fucking beautiful and even more like this, ‘cause you know you’re mine.”

Ianto put his arms around Jack, turned him around and held him close. “Beautiful and all mine.” He cupped his cheek, then kissed his mouth gently, soothing the hurts.

Jack had been hurt in the past but now he had Ianto. Ianto soothed all his hurts.

Ianto pulled back and gave him a soft smile. He found his hand and squeezed it. “Come on, beautiful. Time I cleaned you up and snuggled you all night in bed.” He kissed Jack again, then tugged him gently by the hand to the shower and then to bed.

Jack was held all night in the warm cocoon that was Ianto’s embrace.

Date: 2011-10-03 03:15 am (UTC)
ext_467037: scifi (Default)
From: [identity profile]
*fans self*

Wow, just wow.

Date: 2011-10-03 03:23 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Fever is not helped by porn. But porn is helped by fever.


Date: 2011-10-03 06:21 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Oh ... love this! So hot, with a lovely swath of h/c at the end. Very nice.

Date: 2011-10-03 07:11 am (UTC)

Date: 2011-10-03 07:04 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] bk_forever
Whoa! HOT!

Love slutty Jack and the way Ianto cares for him afterwards, showing him how much he is cherished =)


Date: 2011-10-04 06:26 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
WOW I think I've read all of your fics but never really delurked but I think I must be more immortal than jack the amount of time I've died from your fics!!!!!! And the Fic is AMAZING you've got a really really good writing style!!

Date: 2011-10-16 05:19 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
*gulp* that was hot!


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