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Title: Sibling Rivalry
Pairing: Jack/Ianto, Owen
Ratings: Adult -spanking
Spoilers: General Series 1 and 2
Summary: Owen and Ianto cross the line in their bickering. Jack takes action.

Disclaimers: I own nothing!
Notes: Thanks to [ profile] oncomingsconefor encouragement and feedback. Comments please!


Ianto bristled in Owen’s direction as he stalked about with coffee. Owen had to be the messiest, most annoying person in Wales, in Britain, in the whole world! Ianto placed Jack’s coffee into his hands as he passed him and Jack gave a smile.

“Thanks.” He met Ianto’s eyes. “Keep calm,” he murmured.

Ianto nodded and moved past Jack. Owen was lounging at his desk, eating pizza and getting more on his shirt than in his mouth.

Ianto placed Owen’s sugary coffee on his Homer Simpson coaster. “Here you go,” he said and waited for the thanks. It didn’t come.

Owen took a noisy slurp and put the cup back on the table. Not on the coaster. Ianto stiffened. He would have to clean that up later. It always fell to him to clean up Owen’s mess.

“Owen, is there something wrong with that coaster?”

Owen scowled at him. “Fuck off, teaboy.”

Ianto scowled back. “Do not call me that.”

Owen poked him sharply on the arm. “Quit your hissy fit and get outta my way.”

Ianto scowled and was about to say something devastatingly cutting when Jack called across to him.

“Ianto, can you come and help me with this paperwork?”

Ianto smoothed out his expression and stalked away, maintaining his dignity as much as he could.


Owen chomped his way through his fourth slice of pizza and chucked the crust on his desk. What he could really do with now was a beer but Jack drew the line. Instead, he slurped coke through a straw, put his feet up on his desk and slowly strolled through his patient database.

Bored. He was totally and utterly bored. He hated quiet days. Jack still made them go through a whole bloody day of work. He said there were always jobs to do, that they needed to be ready for anything. Fucking Jack.

Ianto was stalking around with that stick up his arse as usual. He never stopped bloody cleaning and going on about keeping the place tidy. Pathetic.

“Will you take your feet off the desk please, Owen?” Ianto snapped at him.

Owen glared at him. “Well, Jack may get to put his feet up on you but the rest of us have to make do.”

Ianto scowled. “I’ve never met anybody in the whole world messier than you. It’s…”

“Yes, and you’ve got the biggest stick up your arse in the world.” He smirked. “Or maybe it’s not a stick after all. What’s Jack put up there this time?”

Ianto’s entire body tensed and he trembled as he glared full force at Owen. Owen grinned. He got up and smirked at Ianto as he sauntered past him. “Don’t let it chafe, teaboy.”


Ianto trembled with the effort of not losing his temper. Jack had warned him about this. He wasn’t to let Owen get to him. Ianto wondered whether Jack had had similar words with Owen.

He turned and watched Owen slouch away. “You could at least put your own pizza crusts in the bin,” Ianto snapped.

Owen turned and smirked at him. “Why bother? That’s your job. You’re the cleaner.”

There was a silence. Ianto could feel the girls watching them anxiously. He wondered where Jack was.

“I am not a cleaner, Owen,” Ianto snarled.

Owen grinned as him. “Yes, you are. That’s all you’re here for, cleaning up and making our coffee.” He kicked the nearest waste bin viciously and spread rubbish all over the floor.

Ianto bristled. “Pick that up.”

Owen just laughed. “Nobody takes orders from the cleaner.” He reached behind him and viciously yanked the power cord out of Ianto’s workstation. “See? No work for you to do, cleaner, but clean so get on with it.”

Ianto lost it. He reached for Owen’s desk, grabbed a crust of pizza and chucked it as hard as he could at Owen’s face. It hit him on the cheek, leaving crumbs behind.

Owen snarled at him. He rushed forwards, grabbed a full slice of pizza and threw it towards Ianto. It grazed Ianto’s arm, leaving tomato sauce on his suit sleeve before dropping to the floor. Owen laughed. Ianto trembled with rage. He surged forwards, shoved Owen hard into the desk and grabbed him by the front of his t-shirt. He raised his fist as Owen began to shove him back. The office door flung open.

“Ianto! Owen! My office right now!” barked Jack. “Gwen, Tosh, you can go home.”

There was a few seconds of stunned silence. The girls moved first, grabbing coats and bags and rushing for the door. Ianto’s hands dropped to his sides. Owen stood in silence with his mouth open. Ianto slowly turned to look at Jack.

He swallowed. Jack had that look on his face, that stern, ‘you are so going to regret this’ look that Ianto knew all too well. He was in trouble, deep trouble. But Jack wasn’t just looking at him. He was looking at Owen too.

“I said ‘now’,” Jack repeated.

 Owen was the first to move. He scowled and headed towards Jack’s office with a sulk. He probably expected a dressing down and maybe that’s what he would get. Ianto was more reluctant. He knew what he was in for. Ianto was getting a spanking.

Jack fixed him with his most stern look. “Ianto, I’m waiting.”

Ianto knew more trouble would follow if he delayed any further. He started to walk. His legs felt stiff but he forced himself to move towards Jack. As he passed, Jack brushed a hand across his hip. Ianto breathed into the gentle touch and let it reassure him.

Feeling a little more settled inside, he entered Jack’s office. Owen had thrown himself on the couch and was sulking. Jack stood behind his desk. Ianto stood in front of it, at attention and ready to be told off.

Jack gave him a small nod of approval, then turned his attention to Owen. “Come here, Owen.”

Owen scowled but did as he was told. He slouched in front of the desk. “Go on then, get on with it.”

Jack drew himself up to his full height. “Owen, you will improve your attitude right now. You don’t need to get in more trouble.”

Owen scoffed. “Whatever.”

“Right, hands on your head, right now. Both of you.”

Ianto blinked in surprise. He hadn’t expected that, not in front of anyone else. But he wasn’t going to disobey Jack, not when he was in trouble. He clasped his hands on his head, feeling his cheeks heat up a little.

Owen laughed. “Whatever, Jack. You can’t make me do anything.”

Jack put his hands on the desk and leaned forwards to fix Owen with a look. “As your boss, I’m in charge. I’m permitted to execute you if necessary so I don’t think punishing you like a kid will raise many questions. Hands on your head. Now.”

Owen’s scowl deepened but he did as he was told. He knew what Jack could do.

Jack stood up again and began to pace up and down. “It’s constant bickering with you two. It’s unprofessional. You’re like two kids in the playground and I’ve had enough. Honestly, chucking food at each other across the hub? Getting physical? That crossed a line.”

Ianto lowered his eyes in shame. Owen scoffed. Jack ignored him.

“Ianto, you are being childish and too uptight about mess. You crossed a line by throwing food at Owen and grabbing him. You are perfectly capable of rising above anything he says without getting physical.”

Ianto bit his lip.

“Owen, you are being deliberately aggravating and actually trying to wind Ianto up because you are bored. I know the kinds of things you say to him and it is not acceptable. It’s bullying and I will not stand for that.”

Ianto sneaked a peak at Owen and saw him actually hang his head. Jack let the silence hang for a few moments, to let the lecture really sink in. Ianto felt guilt swirling inside him and he wondered whether Owen was feeling the same thing.

Ianto knew what was coming next. He wondered what Owen would think of it.

“Now, you’re both going to be punished,” Jack said and waited for them both to look up into his stern face. “You’re going to get a spanking.”

He let that sink in. Owen’s hands fell from his head and he opened and closed his mouth several times. “You what?” he said.

Jack looked back at him. “You heard me.”

“But … you … you can’t do that, Jack.”

Jack remained stern. “I can and you need me to. Ianto, do you accept your punishment?”

“But he started it. He…”

Jack’s eyes got more stern. “Do you accept your punishment?”

Ianto nodded and swallowed. His face flushed and his throat felt dry. He was scared but he knew he needed it. “Yes, Jack,” he said. “I know I need to be spanked.”

Jack nodded with approval, then turned back to Owen. “Owen, do you accept your punishment?”

“You’re gonna spank us … me and him, together?”

Jack nodded. “You’ve misbehaved together so you’re getting punished together. Do you accept it?”

Owen squirmed, glancing between Ianto and Jack. “Yeah,” he mumbled.

Jack wasn’t satisfied with that. “What was that?”

Owen sighed dramatically. “Yes, Jack. I know I need to be spanked,” he said.

Jack nodded and smiled a little. “That’s better.”

He moved away. Owen and Ianto stood there, hands on heads, waiting. Jack returned after only a moment. He’d placed the straight backed wooden chair in the middle of the room. It was a chair Ianto knew well. He’d been across it, over Jack’s knee, more times than he could remember.

Jack touched Ianto on the hip. “You first, Ianto. Owen, stand in the corner, nose to the wall. Keep your hands on your head.”

Owen did as he was told and Ianto followed Jack to the chair. He was glad Jack had given them a little privacy for this. Jack sat on the chair and stood Ianto in front of him.

“Ianto, you’re going to be spanked. Do you understand why?”

“Yes, Jack. I let Owen wind me up and I was childish and unprofessional and got physical.”

Jack nodded, then reached up and undid Ianto’s belt and trousers. Ianto’s face flushed as his trousers were taken down to his ankles. Jack left his boxer briefs in place, then tugged him firmly over his lap. The instinct to struggle rose in Ianto but Jack’s manner put him off.  

Ianto settled into the right position easily. Jack pushed his jacket up out of the way, then raised his hand and got started. The smacks were firm and sharp, ringing out in the silence of the office. Ianto was so aware that Owen was listening. He felt his face heat up.

His bottom was getting hot too. Jack spanked him hard with his hand, firmly letting him know that he was in trouble. Ianto squirmed and wriggled but couldn’t get away. That hand just kept coming, kept spanking. He began to cry out and he wasn’t even sure why. He could take much more pain than this but being in trouble was different.

Jack warmed his bottom thoroughly, not leaving any part of his bottom unspanked.

Ianto could feel Owen listening. This wasn’t fair! Owen had started it. He kicked his legs. “Ow! Ow, Jack!” he cried out. “It wasn’t me! Ow!”

“You know you were naughty,” scolded Jack as he spanked. “I will not have you behave like that.”

Ianto cried out. “Ow, I’m sorry! Please, Jack!”

“You misbehave and you get punished.”

Ianto wanted to fight. He wanted to sulk and cry and brat but Jack held him so firmly and spanked so quickly, Ianto couldn’t even count. Owen was listening. Owen was right there, hearing it all. Ianto knew he had to take it. He couldn’t let Owen think he was weak.

Ianto stopped fighting. Jack kept on spanking until Ianto was certain his tender bottom couldn’t take any more. Jack laid four more brutally hard smacks on his bottom, then stopped. Ianto lay there, sobbing.

Jack patted his bottom tenderly. “All right,” he murmured. “Take it easy.”

Ianto sniffed, desperate to get himself under control. Jack pushed his hand beneath Ianto’s shirt and stroked the small of his back.

Ianto’s sobs quietened. Jack patted him firmly on the bottom, almost a swat, then the hands left him. “When you’re ready, you can get up and go to the corner,” said Jack, firmly.

Ianto nodded. He took one more breath, then stood. Jack fixed him with a firm look, then sent him to stand in the corner.

Ianto stood there, with his hands on his head, his nose to the wall and his trousers around ankles. His bottom burned beneath his underpants and he knew Jack wasn’t done yet.

“Owen,” said Jack sharply. “Come here now.”


Owen’s stomach whirled. He’d listened to the ringing slaps and to Ianto’s crying and felt strange inside, sort of guilty. It was his fault Ianto was getting spanked. He’d wound him up all day, tried to make him lose it.

But Jack was going to spank him too. Shit. He was really going to spank him too. Owen would be like that, sobbing over Jack’s lap.

When Jack called him, Owen turned. Ianto was standing in the corner with his trousers round his ankles and Jack was sitting in that chair with that stern look on his face.

“Look, Jack...”

“Come here.”

Owen approached. He really wasn’t going to be able to talk his way out of this. He stood in front of Jack with his hands on his head the way Ianto had.

“Owen, you’re going to be spanked. Do you understand why?”

“Yes,” mumbled Owen.

“Well? I’m waiting, Owen. Why are you being spanked?”

Jack’s voice was calm and stern. Owen didn’t know whether to mouth off like a bratty teenager or whether to submit and snivel.

Owen scowled dramatically. “Because teaboy doesn’t know how to take a joke.”

Jack crossed his arms. “You’re going to stand there until you can give me the right answer. I can wait all day.”

Owen squirmed and sighed. “Because I was trying to wind Ianto up and cause I was bullying him.”

“That’s right. Thank you, Owen.”

Jack reached up to Owen’s jeans’ button. Owen jerked back. “Hey wait.”

Jack gave him a look. “I’m spanking you both over your underpants so it’s fair,” said Jack.

Owen took a step forward. He supposed that was fair. Jack undid his jeans and dragged them down.

“Over my lap, please,” said Jack. Despite the ‘please’ it was obvious there was no option. Owen got himself over Jack’s lap with very little grace. This had been so easy and automatic for Ianto. Owen wondered how often Jack had spanked Ianto.

There was no preamble. Jack just raised his hand and brought it down sharply across Owen’s backside. He got into a hard and fast rhythm and within a few seconds, Owen’s bottom was getting hot beneath his underpants. He fought and kicked and wriggled but no matter what he did, he couldn’t escape a single one of those smarting swats.

He stopped fighting. He couldn’t get away, couldn’t stop Jack from spanking him until he’d been properly punished for his actions. Suddenly, he realised he didn’t want to get away. He wanted to take his punishment and he wanted to make amends. Ianto had so Owen had to as well.

But Jack’s hand was so hard and firm as he doled out justice. The slaps kept coming and Owen felt a sob rising up his throat. He swallowed it down.

His bottom burned under his underpants and still Jack spanked him, slap after slap coming down hard across Owen’s cheeks. He gave up. The sob won. He let go and went limp over Jack’s lap, sobbing without embarrassment.

Jack laid four more of the hardest smacks ever across Owen’s bottom, then stopped. He laid his hand across Owen’s bottom, not rubbing, just keeping it there.

“Do you have anything to say, Owen?”

Owen took several shuddering breaths. “I’m sorry,” he managed.

Jack rubbed his back. “Okay, in the corner now.”

Owen struggled to his feet and returned to his corner. Jack let him stand there for a few minutes, then called them both over.

Ianto and Owen were both snivelling a bit. Owen tried to pretend he wasn’t. Jack was sitting behind his desk. Owen noticed there was a wooden ruler on the desk.

“Okay, now, do you two have anything to say to each other?”

Owen glanced at Ianto, who bit his lip. Owen pulled a face. “No, nothing.”

Ianto flushed and said nothing.

Jack sighed and stood up. “Okay, then I guess we’re not quite finished here.”

Ianto wriggled and Owen tried not to squirm as Jack grabbed the ruler and walked around to their side of the desk.

“Both of you bend over, elbows on the desk, bottoms out.”

They shuffled their feet, then obeyed. Owen did squirm then. Their shoulders pressed together. It felt weird.

“You both have a choice. You can either have twenty over your underpants or ten on the bare.”

“I’ll take it on the bare,” said Ianto immediately.

Jack chuckled softly and patted Ianto on the back. “I thought you might. Owen?”

Owen glanced at Ianto, who wasn’t looking at him.

“If Ianto’s taking it on the bare, then I will.” He glanced at Jack and found him smiling.

“Your choice,” he said. “Get them down then,”

Ianto and Owen pushed their underpants down to their thighs. Owen felt Jack looking but he wasn’t perving. It was like he was checking for damage.

“Are you both ready?”

“Yes, Jack,” said Ianto.

“Yeah,” said Owen.

Jack took up position behind them, in reach of both their bottoms. He raised the ruler. He didn’t keep them waiting, but brought it down hard, first across Ianto’s bottom, then Owen’s. They both cried out. The smack of the ruler stung their tender bottoms and Owen didn’t know how he was supposed to take nine more on his tender cheeks.

Another pair of strokes fell and Owen felt Ianto’s shoulders shake against him. Jack didn’t hang about, but brought the next strokes down in rapid succession. Owen wasn’t thinking about the smacks coming down on his own bare backside. Instead, he was focused on the way Ianto whimpered and shook as he took the ruler hard across his backside.

Finally, the last two fell and it was over. Jack put the ruler down, then patted each of them on their tender bottoms.

“Well done. Good boys,” he murmured.

Owen felt a strange thrill inside him at Jack’s words.

Jack pulled back. “It’s over now.”

They stood up. Owen immediately pulled his pants up and wiped his nose on the back of his hand. Ianto didn’t pull his pants up immediately. Instead, he turned right into Jack’s arms and held on tight.

Jack hugged him, rubbed his back and murmured to him. “It’s okay, kiddo, all over now.”

Owen felt a twinge inside that may have been jealousy. He didn’t want to think about that. “I’m going to clean up,” he said, his voice thick. He turned and hurried away.

He grabbed the fallen bits of pizza and shoved them in the bin, his face hot. He was shoving the empty pizza box in the bin too when Ianto came out of the office. He’d dressed himself and washed his face. There was a strange glow about him.

“Owen, you okay?”

Owen scoffed. “‘Course I’m okay.” He went to perch on the edge of his desk, forgetting. He winced and stood up straight. “Erm … Jack’s spanked you before?”

Ianto shuffled on his feet and smiled, blushing. “Yeah. When I need it.”

Owen squirmed. “Does it always feel like that?”

Ianto put his head on one side. “Like what?”

“It fucking hurts but … feels good.”

Ianto smiled widely. “Yeah.”

Owen threw a ball of paper towards the bin as a distraction.



Ianto shifted a bit. “I’m sorry for being a pain in the arse.”

Owen nodded. “So am I.” He scuffed his trainers on the floor. “I was worse.”

There was a silence, then Ianto took a deep breath. “You can stay … you know, if you want?”

Owen shook his head. “Nah. Thanks but I’d rather go home.”

Ianto nodded. “Yeah.”

Owen grabbed his coat and made for the door. “See ya tomorrow.”

“See you, Owen,” Ianto said cheerfully.


Ianto returned to Jack, who as sitting on the couch, waiting for him. “Is Owen okay?”

Ianto nodded as he sat with Jack and was tugged close. “Yeah. It helped.” He rested his head against Jack’s shoulder. “Thank you.”

“You apologised?” That firmness sneaked back into Jack’s voice.

Ianto nodded. “We both did.”

Jack nodded. “Good.” Jack held him snugly. “You feeling okay, kiddo?”

Ianto rubbed his nose. “Yeah. Sore but better.”

Jack kissed his forehead. “Good.” He kissed Ianto’s nose. “No more throwing food.”

Ianto pouted. “I only threw a crust. Owen threw a whole slice.”

Jack laughed. “Yeah, yeah. Watch it, mister or I’ll have you back over my knee.”

Ianto grinned and snuggled up. “Maybe after I’ve napped.”

Jack kissed the top of his head and they snuggled up together and fell asleep.

Date: 2011-09-30 06:59 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Super Cute. Great story. About time Owen got punished!

Great work, Cariad. xx

Date: 2011-10-01 03:49 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] bk_forever
Nice to see you're still around. I miss your writing!

Date: 2011-10-01 11:15 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] bk_forever
Oh, wonderful, thanks for the link! That's going on my list of fics to read tomorrow as it's gone midnight!

Date: 2011-10-01 11:22 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thank you! Yes.. I'm back. Need my community.

Date: 2011-10-01 11:26 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] bk_forever
Good to have you back! I'll stop by and read you new fic tomorrow! =)

Date: 2011-10-01 03:49 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] bk_forever
Nice to see Owen getting some richly deserved punishment! Maybe that'll improve his attitude. It's just a shame he dragged Ianto down with him. Ianto was trying so hard not to lose his temper, but Owen was determined to make him. I think Owen should have got a few extra smacks for that!

Date: 2011-10-01 07:51 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Such a wonderful story! I felt slightly bad for Ianto since Owen said some pretty mean things to provoke him, but felt a little better about it when Jack made Owen admit he was being a bully. I liked how quickly Jack put Owen's protest to rest with this line: "I’m permitted to execute you if necessary so I don’t think punishing you like a kid will raise many questions." LOL. Can't argue with that. I loved that while Ianto could handle a lot more pain in other circumstances, he found himself crying even though he didn't want to because this was punishment that he knew he deserved. I loved Owen's thoughts and guilt while hearing Ianto getting spanked. I found his obsinance and hesitation before the spanking to be perfecly in character. Aww, I loved Ianto going in for a hug as soon as it was over, and Owen feeling slightly jealous. And I think the fact that Owen cleaned up his mess as soon as he got out of Jack's office, made up for some of his earlier comments to Ianto. I loved that they both apologized to each other too. It was a very sweet story. I liked it very much. Thank you for sharing. :)

Date: 2011-10-02 10:54 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
cute and hot, can't tell if I feel fuzzy or aroused! Great fic as always!

Date: 2011-10-03 03:04 am (UTC)
cookiegirl: (Jack - stern)
From: [personal profile] cookiegirl
Awww this was adorable! Awesome to see a Jack/Owen story in this vein, there's nowhere near enough, and Owen definitely needs this sort of treatment!

Loved Jack stroking Ianto's hip before he went into the office, loved Owen being jealous of the hug, and that ending is sooo cute! I want to hug all three of them now!

Thanks for writing bb! x

Date: 2011-10-14 05:58 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
really enjoyed that (once I got over the shock of Owen getting spanked)


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